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Rich Soto

Richard Soto

Co-Founder & Master Barber

My name is Mr. Richard Soto Llezeth, the co-founder of The Cutting Room Barber Salon. I was born and raised in Fort Worth, Texas. I graduated from Mid-Cities Barber College and started barbering in 2012. After two years under the wing of some of the best barber's in fort worth, I co-founded Interstate Barber Stylist School in Waco, Texas where I found a deep love for teaching and developing others to improve the quality of their haircuts and techniques. This, in turn, improved their families lives as well, making the experience a very valuable one. The institute has graduated over 40 students and counting, with many who have started their own businesses. From the beginning of my career, I noticed those who didn't take their skill seriously and how they would come and go. There was also fame I noticed that came along with being an excellent barber, but there were always pits that would stop a great barber from being more than a personal brand. Being a son of an ex-military hard-working businessman, I learned many good qualities like discipline, honor, respect, and doing whatever it takes to get the job done, and done right.

I have also studied other remarkable barbers and successful entrepreneurs. This has helped me to sharpen my entrepreneurial mind and accrue much knowledge and wisdom from business strategy and marketing to quality haircuts that include flawless razor skin fades to long layered shear cuts, and expert straight razor shaving that I know the customer will enjoy in our environment where mastery of our craft is of the utmost importance so we are able to serve everyone the highest quality product possible, consistently. As well as an amazing business model that allows for the stylist or barber to enjoy compensation a step above an hourly wage, a layout for everyone to enjoy from the stylist and barber to the whole family. With services that are fairly priced and performed by a hand-selected team that is the staff of the cutting room barber salon, and we hope to serve the people of fort worth the very best, and become a staple in fort worth and make our mark on the hair industry and begin a legacy that grows along with the community that will reach far beyond just making men look great.

Vanessa Soto

Vanessa Soto

Co-Founder & Master Stylist

My name is Vanessa Denise Soto, I'm one of the co-founders of The Cutting Room Barber Salon. I'm a proud Fort Worth native and a licensed cosmetologist, I graduated from Ogle School of Hair Skin and Nails in 2012. Before I began my career I always dreamed of opening a women's salon and make women look beautiful and confident. This turned out to be the opposite when I started working in a salon that serviced mostly men. This was very uncomfortable at first but very soon I got the techniques needed to perform fantastic haircuts that got everyone's attention with the guidance of my first mentors.

Soon I began to love cutting men's hair and performing those cool haircuts every one likes. I've worked in almost every salon setting from low to high end and have learned that quality is what separates everyone and makes you valuable. Together with my husband, we have taught each other our strengths and weaknesses which will help The Cutting Room Barber Salon develop our staff to be the greatest they can be. Making The Cutting Room Barber Salon something we can all be proud of.

Jantzy Delgado

Sullivan McCartney


Hello, my name is Sullivan McCartney, and I'm from Fort Worth Texas! I graduated from Kalibur Barber College, and though I have completed my formal education, every day it is my mission to grow as a professional by developing my expertise and perfecting my craft.

The joy of cutting hair is more than just making someone look good, it's about positively impacting the lives of my clients. Giving a quality shave, blend, or shear cut is a way I can enrich the lives of those around me by helping them look their very best. I believe every person is valuable and deserves to be treated as such, and this is reflected in the work I do. Working towards mastery means I will be meticulous with your cut or shave. I'm looking forward to becoming your new barber! 

Katherine Barrera

Alexis Chapa


My name is Lexi Chapa. Born and raised in Fort Worth, I call this area home.

I am a Kalibur Barber College graduate. Though, I didn’t always know that I wanted to pursue a barbering career. If not for my father insisting I take a part time job as a receptionist at a barber shop, I would not have found my passion for the art.

I came to realize that as a barber we have the ability to impact the confidence in our client’s lives. Cutting hair, providing a clean shave, giving a relaxing facial, or a much-needed manicure is more than a service to me. It gives me an opportunity to be a part of someone’s day and participate in making it better. I look forward to developing as a barber under this apprenticeship and growing as I get to share the moments with you.

  See you at The Cutting Room Barber Salon!